Datapump examples of 11g

Data Pump new features in Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (expdp and impdp) COMPRESSION The Compression parameter allows the user to decide about what to compress in your export backup. COMPRESSION={ALL | DATA_ONLY | METADATA_ONLY | NONE} ALL: Both metadata and data are compressed. DATA_ONLY: Only data is compressed. METADATA_ONLY: Only metadata is compressed. This … Continue reading Datapump examples of 11g


Standby Database creation(Oracle DB)

Goal:-Standby database creation with cold backup Prerequisites for current setup Operating system :- Rhel 5 Database version oracle 10g Primary database name : - alphadb Standby database name :- betadb 1. Before you getting started, ensure your self that operating system and database version is same on both standby and primary side. For server side check, … Continue reading Standby Database creation(Oracle DB)