Datapump examples of 11g

Data Pump new features in Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (expdp and impdp) COMPRESSION The Compression parameter allows the user to decide about what to compress in your export backup.
COMPRESSION={ALL | DATA_ONLY | METADATA_ONLY | NONE} ALL: Both metadata and data are compressed. DATA_ONLY: Only data is compressed. METADATA_ONLY: Only metadata is compressed. This is the default setting. NONE: Nothing is compressed.
Example of Compression parameter
expdp scott/******  schemas=SCOTT directory=dumpfile dumpfile=exort_scott.dmp logfile=export_scott.log compression=all
The COMPATIBLE initialization parameter should be set to “11.0.0” or higher to use these options, except for the METADATA_ONLY option, which is available with a COMPATIBLE setting of “10.2”.

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