1.Introduction Oracle Dataguard provides data protection,high availability ad distater recovery this setup u can have more that one standby database for a primary database.The standby database can be working as primary database if primary database is in planned or unplanned outage. 2.Dataguard Architecture Dataguard contains following necessary items : Primary Database : Dataguard contains … Continue reading Dataguard


Sql Scripts

1.Tablespace Used/Free space set lin 300 COLUMN TABLESPACE FORMAT A15 select t.tablespace, t.totalspace as " Totalspace(MB)", round((t.totalspace-nvl(fs.freespace,0)),2) as "Used Space(MB)", nvl(fs.freespace,0) as "Freespace(MB)", round(((t.totalspace-nvl(fs.freespace,0))/t.totalspace)*100,2) as "%Used", round((nvl(fs.freespace,0)/t.totalspace)*100,2) as "% Free" from (select round(sum(d.bytes)/(1024*1024)) as totalspace,d.tablespace_name tablespace from dba_data_files d group by d.tablespace_name) t, (select round(sum(f.bytes)/(1024*1024)) as freespace,f.tablespace_name tablespace from dba_free_space f group by f.tablespace_name) fs … Continue reading Sql Scripts